Okay, party people….the time has come! The first ever (and possibly only) TBT Posse Lip Sync Challenge is underway! Many entries were received, but Bill and Jamie sifted through them all and came up with 8 for your viewing pleasure. Watch all of the videos, because these guys and girls put in the time and effort to bring them to you. Once you are done, cast your vote below. The voting starts now and runs through August 28th at noon Eastern.

The winner of this challenge will receive a Limited Edition Yo! MTV Raps 30th Anniversary Experience poster. There was no merchandise available at this concert of a lifetime, this was acquired from “behind the scenes” at the Barclays Center… it’s quite rare. BUT….The Mr. Throwback Thursday podcast goes above and beyond for the Posse, and we have one for our winner! So let the fun begin!



Entry 1  She’s Got it Made

Entry 2  Frednilla Ice

Entry 3  Sally….That Girl

Entry 4  MCA-hieu

Entry 5  Jeff A No Joke

Entry 6  What a Brother Know

Entry 7   Funkmanniest

Entry  8  La Di Da Dedrick

Episode 237 – Mr. TBT After Dark

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week, the boys start their recording session when they are usually finishing it. When you’re in your late 40s, “late” comes a lot earlier than it used to. But like true professionals, the show went on….late into the night and early into the morning, and we did it for you. So check out what we have in store this week.

  1. Keeping it Classic
  2. Down Goes Kanye
  3. C’Mon Chitown
  4. Yay Yayee
  5. Whose House?
  6. Let’s B Real
  7. Wu News
    a. ANOTHER Andre?
    b. From Shaolin to Hong Kong
    c. RZA Co-sign
  8. One and Done – 3X Krazy
  9. Record of the Week – RBL Posse “Ruthless By Law
  10. Bill Reads Lyrics


Episode 236 – MC Two Balloons

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! Our Lip Sync Challenge voting is underway, and we are taking applications for our 4th annual Fake Football League. This thing we call hip hop is turning 45 and only one man is talking about it (besides us). Two of our legends were in the hospital, so we share our well wishes….and THEN we get into what we do regularly. What is that? Let’s listen!

  1. DJ Bee Represents
  2. Make You Disappear Like Houdini
  3. Celebrating Birth
  4. Go Sheila
  5. Rock the Ls
  6. Push n Purple
  7. I Don’t Fuck With
  8. Keeping It Jungle
  9. Wu News
    a. Nuthing to Shuck Wit
    b. Pearl Harbor
    c. From 7A3 to Shaolin
    d. S.R.E.A.M
  10. One and Done – Suga T
  11. Record of the Week – Redman “Dare Iz A Darkside


Episode 235 – Rotary Dial Posse

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week we do a lil bit of this, a lil bit of that, and even a lil bit of people named Lil. We celebrate the 50th birthday of a pioneer in Black History who gets no recognition; Franklin Armstrong. This is the last week to enter our lip sync contest, get your entries in before it’s too late! We also bring you new music from a classic artist this week. Who is it? Let’s listen!

  1. Mos Depressed
  2. Preach and Teach
  3. It’s About to Get NASty
  4. Lil What’s His Face
  5. Still Coming
  6. The Power of My Label
  7. Take it Personal
  8. Wu News
    a. Wu Tom
    b. The 6th Element?
    c. Cut Throat Katrina
  9. One and Done – Volume 10
  10. Record of the Week – M.O.P. “First Family 4 Life
  11. Artist of the Month – M.O.P.
  12. Old to the New – Dres “Fugitup

Episode 234 – Spread Love

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week, the boys are back together after a week apart. They are bringing you all the good stuff, as usual….but this week they bring you some bonus material! We bring you a new to the old from our old stomping grounds, and get a visit from the president of our Brooklyn Division! We get chased off of Facebook Live by people who think we aren’t trying to help them sell music, and a whole lot more. Check it out!

  1. Teach the Children Well
  2. New York Nightlife
  3. Congrats to Pusha T
  4. New NORE
  5. BKHHF
  6. That’s So Brooklyn
  7. Wu News
    a. RZACon
    b. Wustralia
    c. Czarface Meets Toastface
  8. One and Done – Def Squad
  9. Record of the Week – Ras Kass “Soul on Ice
  10. New to the Old – Fastlanes “Projects” from the album “Just Landed

Episode 233 – Keeping it FRESH

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! While half of the show hosts are away, we bring you a slice of fried gold from the past. Normally, only our Patrons get super secret squirrel shit…but this week, you ALL get something special. A few months back (we’re talking football season “few”), I had the honor of spending some time with the one and only DJ Bee at the Fresh Radio studios. When two similar hip hop minds get together with no script, no time constraints, and no idea what is going to happen…. you get this! Special appearance by Disco Stu! Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Episode 232 – From the Classic Hip Hop Trio

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week, the boys have a whole lotta Pepa going on. We don’t ever title our shows, our shows title themselves. This one was all set up to be titled something about Nas and “the D”, and then it took a quick left turn, and now you have “From the Classic Hip Hop Trio.” Want to know why? Let’s listen.

  1. Hawaiian Safety
  2. Del in the Hospital
  3. This Article Needs a Haircut
  4. Six Hours of Tongues
  5. She Doesn’t Want the B, She Wants the D
  6. I’ll Take Your Man
  7. When I Was Your Age I Had Tree Job
  8. Wu News
    a. Wu Wear is For The Summer
    b. Climate Change Ain’t Nuttin to Fuck With
    c. Listen to the Genius
  9. One and Done – Planet Patrol
  10. Record of the Week – K-Solo “Time’s Up
  11. Bill Reads Lyrics
  12. Metalshark Bro!

Episode 231 – Barelaked Nadies

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! The shows never have a title before we start. Often, they don’t have a title until I’ve finished editing. This week, a simple (easily edited) miscue on Bill’s part becomes a show title. Why would he even be talking about Barenaked Ladies? Let’s listen.

  1. Fakin’ the Funk
  2. Beefin’ With Funk
  3. Free-MX
  4. Funk Doc
  5. 50 Starting Shit
  6. So So Def
  7. NP(the)R
  8. A Nation Turns 30
  9. Wu News
    a. D.R.E.A.M.
    b. So High That I Can Kiss The Sky
    c. RZA Fuck Outta Here
  10. One and Done – Jamal
  11. Record of the Week – Erick Sermon “No Pressure
  12. Artist of the Month – Erick Sermon

Episode 230 – Part Deux

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week, one of your hosts is away from Headquarters, so you don’t get the standard show menu. A few weeks ago we gave you Jamie’s rundown of the Yo! MTV Raps 30th Anniversary Experience. THIS week, Jamie hooks up with Fox from Def Rugs, and they both give you their review of the evening. You find that when you have left the moment, you tend to forget some things that happen. When you have someone else who was there with you, you tend to remember more….so that’s what we did for you. We brought Fox in to help fill in some of the gaps that we left you with. Come and join us, welcome Fox to the show, and check out Def Rugs! Now let’s get started with Yo! Part Deux!

Episode 229 – Is It Live?

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week, the boys ask, “Is it live?” Well, at this point, Memorex is definitely the better option. Welcome to episode 229….come and join us on a long journey from old people breaking to new music from a fellow Freshian. What else do we have in store for you? Let’s listen!

  1. REAL Old School
  2. Gang Starr Book
  3. Soul Brother For Hire
  4. Tasty
  5. See My T-Shirt Live
  6. Ye or Nay?
  7. The Abstract Zulu
  8. Wu News
    a. Call of Wu-ty?
    b. Weezy Tang Clan?
    c. Meth Meets Rock
  9. One and Done – New Kingdom
  10. Record of the Week – Nas “Nasir
  11. New to the Old – Glo Shines “Let You Go
  12. Bill Reads Lyrics