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Episode 80 – Puddin’

We, like Bill Cosby, like our puddin’…..but to hear more on that, you have to check out this week’s show. Join the boys this week for the Wayne Chrebet episode!

  1. Fire Flex
  2. New Dre
  3. NWA Speaks
  4. OG
  5. Gwyneth Paltrow is Hip Hop?
  6. Wu News
  7. One and Done – King Sun
  8. Record of the Week – Jeru the Damaja “The Sun Rises in the East
  9. Artist of the Month – Jeru the Damaja
  10. New Artist Alert – Substance Abuse ft. KRS One “Rear View”
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Episode 70 – Catalina

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone. What in the hell is with this episode’s title? Listen and find out! What else will you hear?

  1. 3X Challenge Winner(s)
  2. Bone is the cure for diabetes?
  3. Super Group
  4. Letterman Promotes Flex
  5. 2Pac Documentary
  6. 25 Years Later, Still Ice Cold
  7. Wu News
  8. One and Done – Freestyle Fellowship
  9. Record of the Week – Ice Cube “Amerikka’s Most Wanted
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