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Episode 215 – Who We Callin’ A Bitch?

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week we find, throughout the course of the show, that we called a lot of people “bitch”. Pair that with our Record of the Week, and you get answers before you get the question. We have to do our first amended episode due to late breaking news. What else do we have on tap for you? Let’s listen.

  1. Fresh In Peace
  2. I Got Juice
  3. Reeboks and Writers
  4. Put Your Hands Where My Island Can See
  5. Marvel and the Soul Brother
  6. Paid in Full
  7. Get Live With the Kid Sensation
  8. Wu News
    a. Triumph
    b. RAW Review
    c. Young Dirty Currency
  9. One and Done – Urban Species
  10. Record of the Week – Queen Latifah “Black Reign
  11. Bill Reads Lyrics


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Episode 57 – Yes We Can Can

  1. B-Real gives you free music
  2. Prince Paul does, too
  3. The Beatles meet hip hop
  4. One and Done – Kid Sensation
  5. Record of the Week – Treacherous Three “Treacherous Three
  6. Old to the New – Kool Keith “Sometimes I Feel
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