FLLat Cool J

Print, cut, color, share!

Welcome to the home of the FLLat Cool J Project! You may be a little confused as to what that is, if you aren’t a regular listener to the Mr. Throwback Thursday Podcast. Have no fear, we are here to help you out.

Many of you (with children) will be familiar with the Flat Stanley Project. We have taken inspiration from that, but are doing ours a little differently. Remember the movie Krush Groove? Remember LL Cool J being in like 32 scenes in the film? (his audition, pushing hand carts, showing up in backgrounds just standing) Our theory was that he just REALLY wanted to get into acting, and he was afraid they’d cut his scene, so he was going to make SURE he was in that movie. This made us imagine LL in all kinds of situations, at one point considering buying a standee of him and taking him random places and taking photos. That brings us to our realization of our original idea.

We want you to print out FLLat Cool J, cut him out, color him, and take photos with him! Post your photos on social media with the hashtag #FLLATCOOLJ (yes, that’s two Ls, as in Ladies Love) and a little write up of where he is in the photo, or what he was doing there. Please tag us (Twitter @THE_Mr_TBT , IG @FLLATCOOLJ) and if email us (mrthrowbackthursday@gmail.com) your photo, we will put it on a special page here on our site. If you are doing this with your kids, tell them who LL was (before he was a big time actor), how important he was to Def Jam, and hip hop in general. This is an “Each One Teach One” project as well as a fun experiment.  Also, please share this page with any of your friends (or on your socials) that you think might like to participate in our little project. We want to see how far FLLat Cool J can go, what sites he sees, and hear his stories. If you’re into snail mail, feel free to send photos and a diary of events FLLat Cool J was a part of to:

Mr. Throwback Thursday
5 Windy Pines Crescent
Portsmouth, VA 23703

Once we have enough of these things going around (date to be added later), we will award something from our prize box to the picture that we like the most and we will send FLLat Cool J to The Hip Hop Museum with a record of his travels. Have fun, and we can’t wait to see where #FLLATCOOLJ goes!

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