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They’re Coming!

Silvery Night
Old Glory

They’re coming! You guys all know how much we love coffee, here at Mr. Throwback Thursday. Many of you love coffee just as much. So, since you can never have TOO MUCH coffee, we are bringing you these 24oz monsters to drink it from.  These beauties, from Sunset Hill Stoneware, feature a Public Service Announcement from your friends here at TBT. These are not aimed at a SPECIFIC President, but if you want to read it that way…we understand. This is a timeless mug, because someone will always have an issue with a sitting President…but the Wu, they are the Great Unifier. These will be extremely limited (Each colorway numbered to 36 mugs….if you don’t know why, this mug may not be for you..haha).

Back in February, we began working on this idea with our friends at Sunset Hill. We wanted something different, but that had some meaning. We asked about a “Killer Bee” colorway, but they are still working out the kinks on that. The black and silver “Silvery Night” is a tribute to the album cover for “Wu Tang Forever”. That was an easy decision. For the next glaze, what to do? Nothing else in the catalog jumped out at us and screamed “THIS IS THE ONE!”. What do you do in that case? You start talking with your representative at Sunset Hill. You start emailing crazy ideas to them at 2am, because that is when it hit you. One of those ideas was a Red, White, and Blue glaze pattern. What screams “Presidential” more than Old Glory?

Old Glory was not a color option available on the website, it was just a crazy idea from the mind of someone who knew what he wanted in his perfect mug. I totally expected to get an email back the next morning saying, “Really? Stop messing around and pick a color.” What I got, instead, was, Well, we have been working on that exact color pattern….but we haven’t decided whether to release it or not, yet. I was both impressed that we were thinking the same way, and devastated because it wasn’t going to be an option for our new mugs. But wait….the next day brought an email saying that it wasn’t going to be available on the website for a while yet, but if I wanted it….the color was ours to use for the new mugs!! We got to be the first people to try out a new glaze!! How dope is that??

So…when you are drinking out of this bad ass monster of a mug in a couple of weeks, think of how much hell I put the wonderful people at Sunset Hill through in order to bring it to you. The Posse is everything to us….we wouldn’t be here without you. Know that we are always working to bring you the best guests, products, shows….whatever. Thank you for riding with us, and until next time….keep it classic, and always remember….New school stale, old school FRESH!

Throwback Christmas

Did you see the article that Sunset Hill Stoneware did about holiday mugs? Did you see our bad ass mugs in the write up?  No??? Well, allow us to help you out. They are awesome to work with, and do incredible work. If you need mugs made, they are your go to!! #MrThrowbackThursdayApproved

Christmas Mugs for All Seasons

It’s no secret that Sunset Hill Stoneware’s unique coffee mugs are objectively a perfect holiday gift. They’re functional, beautiful and can withstand the temperatures of an oven with ease. However, some groups who order our mugs go above and beyond in their pursuit of the holiday spirit, and some were even worth distinctions for their unusual designs, causes they helped or other markers of distinction.

In addition to a rundown of our own holiday offerings for 2018, here are the Sunset Hill Stoneware Christmas mug highlights of the 2018 holiday season.

East Rutherford Police Department

The East Rutherford Police Department from East Rutherford, N.J. got creatively festive when they ordered mugs from us recently. Like many of our emergency service clients, ERPD typically orders mugs and steins featuring its department badge throughout the year, sometimes with depictions of St. Michael, bald eagles and other unique details.East Rutherford Christmas Mug

For the 2018 Christmas season though, the ERPD opted to have us make mugs that were more on the jolly side. The department ordered Portly Pints and Tom’s Mugs in Lucky Charm and Red, all with the department badge topped with a jolly-looking Santa hat.

Jeff Ryan, a member of the department, said in our Facebook group that the Santa-themed mugs sold out within a matter of minutes after they were put up for sale. Proceeds from the mug sales benefited St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Even after they ran out of their holiday-themed mugs, the department contributed proceeds from sales of their less seasonal mugs toward the hospital fundraiser as well.

East Rutherford Police Department has mugs up for sale in numerous styles and glaze colors at its department headquarters in the city of East Rutherford.

Mr. Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday black cherryAnyone looking for a holiday mug with a bit more of a hip-hop flavor will love the mugs we made for Mr. Throwback Thursday, a hit podcast dedicated to old-school hip hop. They take the term “old school” seriously at this podcast—most of the music hosts Jamie and Bill discuss dates back to the ’80s and ’90s, when the genre was still in its formative years.

Keeping with the theme they love the most, the Mr. Throwback Thursday crew opted to use a unique design that was stylized and cool for their 2018 Christmas mugs. It features Santa delivering gifts to a tree lined with a classic boom box, sneakers and gifts for all the good little hip-hop fanatics. These mugs debuted on our Java Taster in Black Cherry, Zen Mist and Black Knight glazes.

Jamie, co-host of Mr. Throwback Thursday, was thrilled with how the mugs turned out and noted that their stock on all mugs was down to single digits in a matter of days. The mugs were popular with the podcast’s biggest fans, who loved Santa’s homage to hip hop’s origins.

Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop

Located just up the road from Sunset Hill Stoneware’s offices in Neenah, Menasha-based Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop is a little retail location with a massive following. We’ve worked with the quilting supply store each year for the past five years to make a set of unique mugs with designs unlike anything seen in Christmases past.DSC08550-Edit

For the 2018 holiday season, Primitive Gatherings’ mugs featured a jolly gingerbread man on a quilt-like pattern in our Mountain Brown glaze. The extra-large size of our Java Taster allowed for the gingerbread man to be seen with the geometric details of the quilt.

More than 1,000 quilting aficionados from across the country were able to get their hands on this limited-edition mug once it made its grand debut in November. Seemingly overnight, fans of Primitive Gatherings were using their mugs to fuel them with enough coffee to get through wrapping their Christmas gifts and starting a new quilting project in one sitting, all while taking some seasonal photos with their mugs for social media.

Sunset Hill Stoneware

Our own artwork graced several mugs with their presences this year. While we’ve created special holiday mugs with seasonal stock artwork in years past, we decided to get a little silly with our yuletide fare for 2018.

2018 Santa mug in Sunfire Red from Sunset Hill StonewareOur Christmas mug set this year featured Santa and one of his reindeer, both caught in some sticky situations. Santa finds himself stuck while attempting to go down through the chimney on our Sunfire Red Potbelly mug. Meanwhile, one of his reindeer is seen tangled in someone’s Christmas lights on a Potbelly in our new Irish Stout glaze, unlikely to join in any reindeer games soon.

Our graphic design team was thrilled to be able to show off their artistic chops for these mugs. We included them as Christmas gifts and tokens of appreciation for some of our customers, but we also debuted them for the holiday season in our online store.

They turned out to be a hit. Scores of Sunset Hill Stoneware fans ordered the Christmas-themed mugs from our online store, with the Reindeer Mug selling out before the holiday season was even over. Black Friday shoppers with sharp eyes were also able to get their hands on one of the last of our fabled snowman mugs, which were discontinued indefinitely several years ago.2018 Reindeer Mug in Irish Stout from Sunset Hill Stoneware

While it wasn’t a limited-edition offering, we also made a batch of mugs just for nerds with a good sense of humor. Our Holidays Are Coming mug is turning into a perennial favorite, with Santa sitting atop a candy cane throne on a Dale Barrelstein in Brick Red. The cartoonish medallion pays homage to the HBO series Game of Thrones, making it the perfect gift for the fan in anyone’s life.

We had countless mugs go through our shop that were perfect for the holiday season this year. While these were just a few of the highlights, we encourage anyone looking for a mug to provide a dose of holiday cheer to check our interactive map to find mugs in their area.



What Goes On?

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Bonus Content Alert

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Every little bit helps, so don’t think that just because you can only pledge one dollar per month that it doesn’t help. That is one dollar more than we had before that point! Again, we aren’t trying to beg, borrow, or steal…..we want to offer you exclusive bonus content for your pledge. So, what are you waiting for? Get in to it….get involved. Go right HERE and sign up now!

The Microphone Grand Mistress Comes to Netflix


Shante, the microphone grand mistress. You know her as “a pioneer, like Lola Falana, with a name, that stands big like Madonna.” The Queen from Queens is an emcee that needs no introduction. There was a time, though, where Lolita Shante Gooden wasn’t a household name. Netflix and I am OTHER (Pharrell’s creative collective) are bringing you the story of the legendary Roxanne Shante.

March 23rd, Netflix is bringing you the newest biopic, “Roxanne, Roxanne”. Not only are Forest Whittaker and Pharrell involved in the production, but RZA is in charge of the music. The film stars Mahershala Ali (who you’ve no doubt heard us talk about as Cornell on Luke Cage), Nia Long (yep, Lisa from the Fresh Prince), and newcomer Chante Adams as Roxanne.

You think you know the story because it played out on wax. I’d say unless you are Roxanne, you had better watch this film to find out for real. I know the whole Mr. Throwback Thursday crew will be watching this one the day it drops. You guys check it out and let us know what you think. Either leave us a comment or click the “Hit Us Up” button to the right and leave us a voice message. Check the trailer below, and until next time……keep it classic and always remember, New School Stale, Old School Fresh.




Big Daddy, Tiny Desk

Antonio Hardy, Matt Lambert, Benjamin Geis, Judson Nelson, John Williams


When Big Daddy Kane and a Tiny Desk collide, the world pays attention. The lyrical legend, the man known as Dark Gable, Big Daddy Kane, whatever moniker you assign him, he is still one of the greatest of all time. If you’ve ever seen Big Daddy Kane outside of an MTV video you know that he is one of the coolest dudes out there. Not just “Smooth Operator cool”, but genuine. He seems like a guy that you could just sit down, have a beer, and bullshit with for hours. Yes, Kane, this is an unofficial invitation for you to come on the Mr. Throwback Thursday podcast for an interview….but that is not our only purpose here.

Big Daddy Kane is one of our classic hip hop legends. I said it. CLASSIC HIP HOP LEGEND. Nowhere did I say “old” anything. The minute Kane picks up the mic, the word “old” is the furthest thing from your mind. To see him perform on stage with the same energy and moves that he had 30 years ago, the word “old” doesn’t come to mind. What does come to mind….is the word classic. Everything about Kane is just that; classic. There is nothing that we can say here, that hasn’t been said. So, why don’t you just sit back, relax, and listen to the man that told you…… it’s hard being the Kane.

I just rip shop, flip-top, and watch MC’s get dropped
As I manifest in hip-hop
Rhymes I construct are tough like a Tonka truck
And just like lightnin’ they struck
Down on all the toy MC’s that annoy
That’s how I build and destroy
The poetic printer, rough rhyme inventor
With a groove so smooth you can’t help but get into
So I’m advisin’ competition to flee
‘Cause I can bake an MC like Chef Boyardee
Holdin’ my own on the microphone
‘Cause I break bones just like sticks and stones
So let it rain let it rain as I put em in pain
God damn, it’s hard bein’ the Kane!

– Big Daddy Kane 1990 “It’s Hard Being The Kane

You can check out the entire Tiny Desk video series on NPR.org by clicking here.

Jerry Heller Dies at age 75

Jerry Heller

According to our friends at All Hip Hop, NWA’s original manager, Jerry Heller, has died at the age of 75. This is still a developing story, so many of the details have yet to come to light, but the AHH article is attached.

“(AllHipHop News) Jerry Heller, the original manager for N.W.A., has died according to sources with AllHipHop.com. He was 75.The business man was widely recognized as the man that helped bring the controversial group to the masses along with Eazy-E. The cause of death is not yet known.

As a manager and business man, Heller began representing mainstream acts like Journey, Marvin Gaye, Joan Armatrading, Van Morrison, War, Average White Band, Ike & Tina Turner, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Otis Redding, The Who, Grand Funk Railroad, Black Sabbath, Humble Pie, Styx, REO Speedwagon, Four Tops, and many more in the 1960’s and 70’s. However, when he started working with Hip-Hop pioneer Eric “Eazy-E” Wright, Heller’s career took on new life.

He was the co-founder of Ruthless Records with Eazy-E, a label that sold over 100 million records and launched the music careers of Wright, N.W.A., Michel’le, J.J. Fad, The D.O.C.,Above The Law and others.

In a 2006 interview with AllHipHop.com, Heller explained why he gravitated to West Coast rap music.

“I liked [West Coast Hip-Hop] because it was more melodic than East Coast Hip-Hop. Besides, whatever else it was, it had a sense a humor, which I didn’t think East coast Hip-Hop had,” Heller explained. “I started to manage some of the West coast groups, mainly the World Class Wrecking Cru, who were with Alonzo Williams, who I think is one of the most important guys in the history of West Coast Hip-Hop.”

At the time of death, Heller was embroiled in a lawsuit over his portrayal in the 2015 hit movie “Straight Outta Compton.” Heller felt the movie – produced by former N.W.A. members Ice Cube and Dr. Dre, defamed him. A large part of the suit was dismissed in court earlier this summer.

Heller had a particularly contentious relationship with Ice Cube, who was the first to leave N.W.A. over money issues. His and Eazy’s relationship with Dr. Dre would soon sour and the sonic producer would go on to found competing brand Death Row Records.

“Ruthless: A Memoir, “Heller’s memoir, was published by Simon & Schuster in 2006.

Rapper King T, a West Coast Staple, sent a message on his social media. As AllHipHop broke the story, others began to send out their condolences, including DJ Chris “The Glove” Taylor, legendary radio jock Greg Mack and others from the scene.



Have You Heard the New De La Soul?

You know that “and the Anonymous Nobody” is coming in about 2 weeks, right? If not, below the video we have posted all the links we could find. Get it, spread the good word about it, and enjoy it! Until it’s available…here is the new single “Drawn” ft. Little Dragon. Let us know what you think by clicking on “Hit Us Up” to the right and leaving us a message.

Pre-order now: https://delasoul.lnk.to/andtheanonymousnobody 
Vinyl pre-order also available: http://smarturl.it/dls_vinyl.

CD: http://smarturl.it/dls_cd
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/dls_itunes
Google Play: http://smarturl.it/dls_googleplay
Amazon MP3: http://smarturl.it/dls_amazonmp3
Spotify: http://smarturl.it/dls_spotify