125: Goin Berzerk

kool_dj_red_alertWhen we were growing up, every Saturday night at 9pm, our whole world stopped. We made sure that we were in a location that Bill’s car could tune in 98.7, WRKS, KISS FM. We were going to listen to our favorite show….our favorite DJ….Kool DJ Red Alert. 30 Years later, we get to talk to the man that instilled in us our love of hip hop. Ladies and gentlemen….Happy Throwback Thursday!

  1. Dr. Dre (no, not that one)
  2. East vs West
  3. Fresno Throws Back
  4. Set Adrift on Memory’s Bliss
  5. All Hail the Queens
  6. Red Alert
  7. One and Done – P.M. Dawn
  8. Record of the Week – Hieroglyphics “3rd Eye Vision
  9. Bill Reads Lyrics