232: From the Classic Hip Hop Trio

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week, the boys have a whole lotta Pepa going on. We don’t ever title our shows, our shows title themselves. This one was all set up to be titled something about Nas and “the D”, and then it took a quick left turn, and now you have “From the Classic Hip Hop Trio.” Want to know why? Let’s listen.

  1. Hawaiian Safety
  2. Del in the Hospital
  3. This Article Needs a Haircut
  4. Six Hours of Tongues
  5. She Doesn’t Want the B, She Wants the D
  6. I’ll Take Your Man
  7. When I Was Your Age I Had Tree Job
  8. Wu News
    a. Wu Wear is For The Summer
    b. Climate Change Ain’t Nuttin to Fuck With
    c. Listen to the Genius
  9. One and Done – Planet Patrol
  10. Record of the Week – K-Solo “Time’s Up
  11. Bill Reads Lyrics
  12. Metalshark Bro!