295: The Chain and The Star

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! The boys get overly emotional this week….well, Bill is just sick. This week is all about the chain and the star. My love for Gang Starr, this dope ass Def Rug, a double dose of Guru and Premier on the Record of the Week….oh yeah, and NEW GANG STARR MUSIC!! What else can top that? Let’s listen.

  1. The Chain and the Star
  2. X Jam
  3. Reboot Alert
  4. Murder This Idea
  5. Fuck Fill in the Blank
  6. Skeevy?
  7. Wu News
    a. Snoop Tang Failure
    b. Beerface
    c. ODB Responsible for Empire?
  8. Record of the Week – Gang Starr “Full Clip: A Decade of Gang Starr
  9. Old to the New – Gang Starr “Family & Loyalty
  10. Bill Reads Lyrics
  11. Fake Football Update