304: Throwback Thanksgiving 5

Happy Throwback Thanksgiving, everyone! This week, Bill is back, and the boys cover everything from the UHHM to Murda. We discuss news about some of our favorite artists, and Bill reads some quality lyrics from a Professor. What is going on here? Let’s listen.

  1. Virtual Museum
  2. Noooooo Boyeee
  3. DJ Plagiarist?
  4. Christmas Present Idea
  5. Holy Intellect
  6. Doin it Without the R
  7. No More Fy-uh
  8. Wu News
    a. Shitdick is NOT a Factor
    b. TICAL 25
    c. Seol-in
    d. Young Dirty Brew
  9. One and Done – Crusaders for Real Hip Hop
  10. Record of the Week – Artifacts “That’s Them