343: Haagen-Dazs

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week, the boys bring you the return of the Firm, Lyte’s match burns out, Brother Ernie goes to college, and Meth returning to his Park Hill roots. We dig in to the new Nas album, and let you know what we think (as if it matters). What else? Let’s listen.

  1. It’s Mine
  2. The Ill Na Na
  3. Cappuccino Was Fly…
  4. Brother Ernie
  5. Lil’ C.C.?
  6. Tri-Fector?
  7. Top 10
  8. Wu News
    a. Fighting for Equality
    b. FUBU Weed?
    c. Math vs Meth
  9. One and Done – Double XX Posse
  10. Record of the Week – Nas “King’s Disease
  11. Bill (Fake Football Loser) Reads Lyrics