439: Snoopa Loompa

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week we bring you some disorganized confusion, a fake Snoop, fake DMX, fake 2 Pac, but a whole bunch of real stuff, too. What else? ….Let’s listen.

  1. Prince Po-vid
  2. Doop Snogg
  3. More Fake Shit
  4. 2 Fake
  5. How Many Discs?
  6. Punishment
  7. From the D to the LBC
  8. Wu News
    a. Clifford and Son
    b. Enter the 36 Courses
    c. Liquid Sword-lando
  9. One and Done – Threat
  10. Record of the Week – Casual “Fear Itself
  11. Old to the New – Eminem and Snoop Dogg “From the D to the LBC
  12. Bill Reads Lyrics