473: Big Dick Fingers

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone. This week we bring you a Fresh in Peace, Busta strikes again, Snoop back on the scene, and the return of both Verzuz, and our favorite Superhero. What else? ….Let’s listen.

  1. Fresh in Peace
  2. Positively Funny
  3. A Requiem For a Dove
  4. Was it Lean Body Protein?
  5. To the Tik Tok You Don’t Stop
  6. Toasteez, Hoopz, and Drizzlerz, Oh My
  7. Verzuz Returns
  8. Statute of No Limitations
  9. The Return of Sooperman Lover
  10. Wu News
    a. Superb Owl Chef
    b. A Ballet Through Mud
  11. One and Done – Double J
  12. Record of the Week – Kid Sensation “The Power of Rhyme
  13. New to the Old – B3RK “enasni
  14. Bill Reads Lyrics