518: 7 Bizzos

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week we bring you in to 2024, Death Wish opening fire on their competitors, Snoop smoking himself, Lyte getting caught up, Prince bites God, a new Artist of the Month, music from the Teacha, and the proper number of Bizzos. What else? Let’s listen.

  1. You’ve Got Beef, We’ve Got Beans
  2. Snoop Smokes Himself
  3. Send Him Some
  4. Hot Damn Hoe, Shut the Fuck Up
  5. Everywhere Man
  6. Pretty Sweet
  7. Preem Cleans Non Phixion
  8. Will Smith Bites Rakim
  9. Wu News
    a. Toastface Re-Action Figure
    b. New Mexico High
  10. One and Done – Hijack
  11. Record of the Week – Non Phixion “The Future is Now
  12. Artist of the Month – Non Phixion
  13. Old to the New – Da Beatminerz, KRS One, Smif -n- Wessun “Seckle….. Once Again
  14. Bill Reads Lyrics

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