Hip Hop Guilty Pleasure?

GuiltyEveryone has a guilty pleasure song. The 80s were full of them. It’s that song that you rock at full volume in the car, or in the shower, or anywhere else that you are alone. You love it, you know all the words…hell, you may even remember the dance moves from the video. What you DON’T do, is admit that you like the song because you are afraid of what your friends might think. My question is does hip hop even have songs that qualify? If so, what is yours? Let us know on our Facebook page, Tweet us, or give us a call at 206-333-4221 and leave us a message on the TBT Posse hotline. Who knows, maybe you will hear yourself on next week’s show. Maybe this will become a secret contest and my favorite answer may receive something from the Mr. Throwback Thursday Prize Box! Let’s hear it!