They’re Coming!

Silvery Night

Old Glory

They’re coming! You guys all know how much we love coffee, here at Mr. Throwback Thursday. Many of you love coffee just as much. So, since you can never have TOO MUCH coffee, we are bringing you these 24oz monsters to drink it from.  These beauties, from Sunset Hill Stoneware, feature a Public Service Announcement from your friends here at TBT. These are not aimed at a SPECIFIC President, but if you want to read it that way…we understand. This is a timeless mug, because someone will always have an issue with a sitting President…but the Wu, they are the Great Unifier. These will be extremely limited (Each colorway numbered to 36 mugs….if you don’t know why, this mug may not be for you..haha).

Back in February, we began working on this idea with our friends at Sunset Hill. We wanted something different, but that had some meaning. We asked about a “Killer Bee” colorway, but they are still working out the kinks on that. The black and silver “Silvery Night” is a tribute to the album cover for “Wu Tang Forever”. That was an easy decision. For the next glaze, what to do? Nothing else in the catalog jumped out at us and screamed “THIS IS THE ONE!”. What do you do in that case? You start talking with your representative at Sunset Hill. You start emailing crazy ideas to them at 2am, because that is when it hit you. One of those ideas was a Red, White, and Blue glaze pattern. What screams “Presidential” more than Old Glory?

Old Glory was not a color option available on the website, it was just a crazy idea from the mind of someone who knew what he wanted in his perfect mug. I totally expected to get an email back the next morning saying, “Really? Stop messing around and pick a color.” What I got, instead, was, Well, we have been working on that exact color pattern….but we haven’t decided whether to release it or not, yet. I was both impressed that we were thinking the same way, and devastated because it wasn’t going to be an option for our new mugs. But wait….the next day brought an email saying that it wasn’t going to be available on the website for a while yet, but if I wanted it….the color was ours to use for the new mugs!! We got to be the first people to try out a new glaze!! How dope is that??

So…when you are drinking out of this bad ass monster of a mug in a couple of weeks, think of how much hell I put the wonderful people at Sunset Hill through in order to bring it to you. The Posse is everything to us….we wouldn’t be here without you. Know that we are always working to bring you the best guests, products, shows….whatever. Thank you for riding with us, and until next time….keep it classic, and always remember….New school stale, old school FRESH!