Dr. Octagon

486: The Wizard Kool Keith

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week we bring you our first Artist profile, and we focus on Dr. Dooom, Black Elvis, Dr. Octagon, Fly Ricky the Wine Taster, Poppa Large, Tashan Dorrsett, Underwear Pissy, Lotion Man, and other things Kool Keith. What else? Nothing ….Let’s listen.

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220: Worldwide

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week Bill gets worried that Jamie has died….or worse, won’t make it to record! Have no fear, all is well, and we have another exciting episode for you! What do we have on tap this week? Let’s listen. Steady Trumpin’ Nobody Wants to Clap to This The Magnificent Goes to…

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212: Please Don’t Sue (or, Ain’t Nobody…)

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! We’re back, and better than ever! Well, maybe as good as ever. Either way….we hope people don’t sue us, because we don’t have that Bugs Bunny money. Also, old white guys don’t know our music…..and ain’t nobody, well, you’ll see. Let’s listen. U of R Got Mad Skillz Old In The…

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