Geto Boys

288: Home Alone 2

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week, you guessed it, Bill is home alone again! This works out for everyone, because we get angry over the dumbest list, ever….and no one is around to hear it. Well, you are, now….but no one WAS around, how’s that? We bring you a ton of news, a One and…

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79: Get Rich or Lie Tryin’

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! Join the boys this week for Concert Review It Was All A Dream Flash Car Give Away No Geto Boys The World’s Greatest Duo Told You! Wu News One and Done – The UMCs Record of the Week – Showbiz & AG “Runaway Slave“

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72: Meet the Wu

Join the boys this week as they bring you all that you’ve come to expect (however little that is) each week…and maybe a little bit more. Spread the good word, share us with your friends, family, and enemies! Dre and Cube and a Former Rap Mogul Is Your Mind Playing Tricks on You? Racism in…

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