124: Spectrophilia

Called the Ghostbusters and they’re in control. Wait…what? I know I’m Mr. Throwback Thursday, but what the hell is going on? Not the UMCs Cal State San Bernadino, Hello Quik Eiht Whitney and Pac Futbol Goes Hip Hop Get Your Kicks Toure Says Ali is the Father Wu News One and Done – Cool C…

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121: Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

You know you are saying it in G-Money’s voice right now…Am I My Brother’s Keeper? Well, what do we have for you this week? Crazy amounts of news, some Wu, a couple of records, and an Old to the New! Let’s listen…. P-E Joe! Biggie Day Nas Busts Ghosts Another Beastie Gone Angie Writes I…

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