Grandmaster Flash

140: The Power of Luke Cage

Have you watched it? Do you know what it is? Are you an offended racist white guy who thinks it’s “too black”? Join us this week as Luke Cage takes over our show and crashes Netflix. Oh yeah….and all of this other stuff, too. D.I.T.C Rock Shyt Luke Cage Playlist Not to be Outdone Down…

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79: Get Rich or Lie Tryin’

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! Join the boys this week for Concert Review It Was All A Dream Flash Car Give Away No Geto Boys The World’s Greatest Duo Told You! Wu News One and Done – The UMCs Record of the Week – Showbiz & AG “Runaway Slave“

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46: ODMcD

Andre 3000 a sellout? Forgive Marky Mark? Our review of “A Better Tomorrow” One and Done – YoYo Record of the Week – Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five “The Message“

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