Episode 123 – The Crew is Called TBT

Say it with us now…1-2-3, the crew is called T-B-T. If you didn’t read that in KRS One’s voice you either don’t belong here, or you have been reading too much about Afrika Bambaataa. Either way….Happy Throwback Thursday. Make Em Say Huh? What? Ruff Ryders Return Hammer Afraid of Hammers? Cannon vs Em Say No…

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Episode 109 – To Blab or Not To Blab

This week we pose the question, “To Blab, or Not To Blab?”. There are about 4 people who have any idea what we are talking about….and two of them are Bill and Me. So what do we have this week that the rest of you know about? Let’s see…. Why Did My Twitter Feed Explode?…

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Episode 63 – Stookie the Janitor

7 days have come and gone. Join the boys this week for another jam-packed show! King T Wants Your Money Something New…. Notorious W.H.I.T.E TIDAL Wave Wu News One and Done – Candyman Record of the Week – MC Hammer “Let’s Get It Started“

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