Jerry Heller

136: Man on the Street

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week we bring in our man on the street….from the D, Sanket Patel. He gives us the lowdown on the classic hip hop station in the D. This show is so not about the D… let’s get off the D and on with the show! Nas Meets L-Boogie One Liners…

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Jerry Heller Dies at age 75

According to our friends at All Hip Hop, NWA’s original manager, Jerry Heller, has died at the age of 75. This is still a developing story, so many of the details have yet to come to light, but the AHH article is attached. “(AllHipHop News) Jerry Heller, the original manager for N.W.A., has died according…

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93: Fuck (Fill in the Blank)

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! Who pissed us off this time around? We have taken issue with Gene Simmons and Bomani Jones in the past….but we have a new target! What else do we have? Posse in Effect Doodlebug Confirmed Yo! Growing Up Hip Hop Does the Kid Have a Point? Bambaataa Receives Recognition Fuck Jerry…

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