Tag: Kool Moe Dee

Episode 164 – Pookie Face

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week we cover everything from The Time to Soylent (not so) Green and everything in between! We revisit a One and Done because you need to hear it, and bring you a classic Record of the Week. On top of everything else, we drop some dope new Arrested Development on you!

  1. What Time is It?
  2. Ronald Klump
  3. Spanglish
  4. Hip Hop Ice Cream
  5. History
  6. New AD
  7. Wu News
    a. Iron Fist
    b. Red and Meth
    c. Soylent Genius
    d. Drop the Mic
  8. One and Done – Black, Rock and Ron
  9. Record of the Week – Kool Moe Dee “Kool Moe Dee
  10. Old to the New – Arrested Development “In 1 Day (Whole World Changed)
  11. Bill Reads Lyrics

Episode 93 – Fuck (Fill in the Blank)

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! Who pissed us off this time around? We have taken issue with Gene Simmons and Bomani Jones in the past….but we have a new target! What else do we have?

  1. Posse in Effect
  2. Doodlebug Confirmed
  3. Yo!
  4. Growing Up Hip Hop
  5. Does the Kid Have a Point?
  6. Bambaataa Receives Recognition
  7. Fuck Jerry Heller
  8. Wu News
  9. One and Done – N2Deep
  10. Record of the Week – Kool Moe Dee “Knowledge is King
  11. Artist of the Month – Kool Moe Dee
  12. Old to the New – Dres (Ft. Devasting Tito, G Mims, and Fe’Lon) “Wake it Up
  13. Bill Reads Lyrics