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Episode 444 – MC Kevin Hart

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week we bring you a No Limit Soldier in hot water, will.i.am speaking truth, but do people want to hear it?, the story behind a classic Tribe album, a hip hop union, we dig into our “coolest” Fresh Flick yet, and a new Artist of the Month. What else? ….Let’s listen.

  1. Choke Your Ass
  2. not.a.fan
  3. Low End Theory
  4. Trill Burger
  5. No Petroleum Jelly
  6. Hip Hop’s Norma Rae
  7. Underrated
  8. Importance
  9. Wu News
    a. Sweet Potato Pie
    b. Milestone Comics
  10. One and Done – Success-n-Effect
  11. Record of the Week – Ant Banks “Sittin’ on Somethin’ Phat
  12. Artist of the Month – Ant Banks
  13. Bill Reads Lyrics
  14. Fresh Flicks

Episode 384 – Don’t Trip on the Cellulite

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week we bring you news from Newburgh, Prince meets Public Enemy, the death and rebirth of Tommy Boy, and the answer to “who shot Biggie?”. What else? ….Let’s listen.

  1. Gangsta Mayor?
  2. Help the Bear
  3. Fight the Prince
  4. Anthology
  5. We Hate This Fucking Label
  6. Sitting on a Gold Mine
  7. Who Shot Ya?
  8. Wu News
    a. Making Moves
    b. Rap Royalty
  9. One and Done – Anquette
  10. Record of the Week – Mystikal “Mind of Mystikal
  11. Bill Reads Lyrics

Episode 383 – The Snyder Cut

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This episode started at 3 hours and 40 minutes long We got it down to 3 hours and 15 minutes, but couldn’t find any other cuts that would still give you the best show. So, may we present to you, Mr. TBT episode 383…..the Snyder Cut!

This week we bring you the Breaks of blockchain, Army Strong, a beef we never knew existed, a new podcast and a new doctor, a top ten list (kind of),  a new Artist of the Month, and Prime Minister Pete Nice, Paradise Gray, and Adam Silverstein (all of UHHM) stop by to discuss our upcoming donation. What else? ….Let’s listen

  1. We’re Selling N-F-Ts
  2. Be All That You Can B-Girl
  3. Cypress Hill vs The Chubbster
  4. Marley Cast
  5. Dr. M.F.P.
  6. Exodus
  7. Ten Plus Ten?
  8. UHHM Visit (Pete, Dise, Adam)
  9. One and Done – Chunky A
  10. Record of the Week – DMX “Exodus
  11. Artist of the Month – Mystikal
  12. Bill Reads Lyrics

Episode 191 – Fat or Phat?

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week, everything is bigger and better….well, at least fatter. Oh yeah, and Mystikal realizes he needs to watch himself. What else? Let’s listen.

  1. Rape Your Ass Part 2
  2. Book Love
  3. Did New Kanye Eat Old Kanye?
  4. The God a Let Down?
  5. Hip Hop Honors
  6. Nas and L-Boogie
  7. Nas and Timmys
  8. Hov Says No
  9. Wu News
    a. eFake
    b. Shaolin Style
    c. Shitdick Diss
  10. One and Done – Audio Two
  11. Record of the Week – Black Eyed Peas “Behind the Front
  12. Bill Reads Lyrics

Episode 187 – It’s Murder

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone!! Yes, we have reached the murder episode. We kick off the show talking about our new achievement, remind you to join Fake Football, and kick off our prize box (it’s a real box) contest. What else? Let’s listen.

  1. New TV
  2. Summer Stage
  3. Can’t Touch This
  4. Rape Ya Ass
  5. New Gang Starr
  6. Barbie Smalls
  7. Parrish Making Music
  8. Will and Jeff
  9. The Magnificent
  10. Wu News
    a. The Saga Continues
    b. Black Samurai
    c. Sneaky Release
    d. Did Somone Forget? Nuttin’ to Fuck With
  11. One and Done – Mass 187
  12. Record of the Week – Ja Rule “Venni Vetti Vecci
  13. Bill Reads Lyrics