Native Tongues

286: Tight Fist Crew

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! It is once again, that time. The time for Bill and Jamie to bring you the news of the week, while fighting against technology. Not often do we defeat the machines on this show, but this week we do! We say goodbye to a Yo! legend, hello to a whole lot…

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143: Pooh

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week we get into some football, a recap of the I Love the 90s show, and complain about dumb white people who don’t know what to do at a hip hop show. Dogg Mobb Cypress Hill Jumping Around Westside Till I Die 2Pac HoF Counterpoint Kicking it Native The Apocalypse…

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83: Don’t Make Me None

Episode 83 is live! Join us, share us, play us loud and proud! What do we have on tap this week? TBT Posse Fantasy Football League Twin Cities Radio Should’a Killed Him Shakespeare Meets Hip Hop Greatest Diss Track? Yella Agrees Native Love Wu News One and Done – Rappin 4-Tay Record of the Week…

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