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Episode 376 – All Dogs Go to Heaven

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week, we bring you a Fresh in Peace, and the most X-Centric episode we have ever done. We say goodbye to Earl, the only way we know how …. What else? Fuck waiting for you to get it on your own, we gon deliver to ya….Let’s listen.

  1. Fresh in Peace
  2. DM-KniX
  3. Artistic DMX-pression
  4. DMX-Moves
  5. DMX-tensive List
  6. DMX-tolling his Virtues
  7. DMX-hibit
  8. Wu News
    a. How High?
    b. Lyrikal Master
  9. One and Done (kind of) – Cradle 2 The Grave Soundtrack
  10. Record of the Week – DMX “The Definition of X: The Pick of the Litter
  11. Old to the New – DMX “X Moves
  12. Bill Reads Lyrics

Episode 249 – Wu-shington DC

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week, your two favorite hosts go on a road trip. Do we go to Disney World? Nope. Do we go to the Grand Canyon? Nope. We stomp into Washington DC…or as you can see here….WU-shington DC. We team up with our friend, and TBT Posse FOUNDING member, Grandmaster T, to attend the event of a lifetime. An event so powerful, that it switches our show order around! Want to hear about it? Let’s listen!

  1. New Wu Review
  2. A Shot of Poison
  3. Piss (sky) Diving
  4. HapProdigy Birthday
  5. Is It Here Yet?
  6. Nightmare on My Street
  7. One and Done – Terror Squad
  8. Record of the Week – Wu Tang Clan “Wu Tang Forever
  9. Bill Reads Lyrics
  10. Question to the Posse

Episode 139 – Delicious

deliciousIs that Ice-T? No, but it is delicious. Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week we bring you hip hop headlines, Wu News, a One and Done, a Record of the Week, Bill Reads Lyrics, Questions from the Posse makes its return…..and a healthy dose of insensitivity.

  1. Dance 4 Me
  2. ATCQ Mural
  3. One and Done 4 Life
  4. Used Car Dealer
  5. The Shack in Pontiac
  6. Kick Em When They’re Down
  7. Snoop IS Hip Hop
  8. So Long Radio Raheem
  9. Wu News
    a. Meth ODB
    b. Ruth Bade Clan
  10. One and Done – Raw Fusion
  11. Record of the Week – Redhead Kingpin “A Shade of Red
  12. Bill Reads Lyrics
  13. Questions from the Posse