438: Eat My Bum

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week we bring you the return of the 90s, project investments?, Supreme Doc, a punk DOC, new music from Memphis, and the must have cooler for the Summer. What else? ….Let’s listen Rutland Road Trip Tupac Cafe Bitcoin School, Really? Supreme Team The D.O.C and The P.U.N.K The Return of…

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176: WHAT Kind of Bacon?

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! Awww…. look at that picture. It’s a little kitty….and it’s bacon. What in the hell does that have to do with our show? There’s only one way to find out!! Let’s listen. TC Izlam 40 Years of Hip Hop Snoop and the Teacha Snoop and TLC Walk This Way Cube Strikes…

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52: Happy Anniversary…Yeah Baby!

When KRS met Scott La Rock Public Enemy goes Super Bowl TLC Kickstarter One and Done – Quad City DJs Record of the Week – King T

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