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Episode 403 – Verz4us

Big Daddy Kane Verzuz KRS One

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week we bring you a Fab 5 reissue, Pras fucking up tour dates, Al Bundy being accused of being a token, Ice T in the WWE, new music from Arrested Development, and a Verzuz for the ages. What else? ….Let’s listen.

  1. Santa 5 Freddy
  2. All About That Pras
  3. Token White Guy
  4. DC Salutes
  5. You Think You Know T
  6. All Hail the Queens
  8. Wu News
    a. Tupac X?
    b. RZA Had a Master Plan
  9. One and Done – Harlem World
  10. Record of the Week – King Tee “At Your Own Risk
  11. Old to the New – Arrested Development ft. Big Daddy Kane “Vibe

Episode 397 – Feduciary Malfeasance

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week we bring you a new Verzuz, Flav in High Def, Dre bringing down the hammer, a Basquiat reference from left field, yo homes, to Bel Aire, and (as any good Rangers fan will tell you Potvin Sucks) we say Fuck Solar. What else? ….Let’s listen

  1. Verzuz
  2. PE HD
  3. Fuck Wit Dre Day
  4. Remembering the Dog
  5. Tiffany Blue
  6. Bel Aire
  7. Fuck Solar
  8. Wu News
    a. Space Time Continuum
    b. Bishop
  9. One and Done – Harleckinz
  10. Record of the Week – M.O.P. “Firing Squad
  11. Bill Reads Lyrics

Episode 358 – Hip Hop Harmonica

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week we bring you Eminem on SNL, Dionne Warwick on Twitter, RZA on politics, and a Verzuz that no one wants to see, a funky flute, a hip hop harmonica, and a sexy sax ….what else? Let’s listen

  1. Virtual Nutcracker
  2. Speaking of Kurtis Blow
  3. Stu
  4. Twitter Queen
  5. 25 Years of Paradise
  6. Feeling Cee-Low
  7. Hush Yo Mouth
  8. When’s That Ma$e Verzuz?
  9. Wu News
    a. YOU Go Ask Him
    b. Wu Texas Clan
    c. False Idols
  10. One and Done – Jimmy Z
  11. Record of the Week – KRS One “Return of the Boom Bap
  12. Bill Reads Lyrics