Walk This Way

Hey, everyone! We’ve got a very special opportunity in front of us. Our friends over at the Universal Hip Hop Museum are offering a chance at immortality. We have the chance to have the Mr. Throwback Thursday podcast (and TBT Posse) immortalized in a brick at the UHHM. As you all know, we have been giant supporters (as have many of you) of the UHHM since we learned of their plans to build.

What we would like to do is get an 8×8 brick engraved with the show’s name, the tagline, and maybe “We’ve got a def Posse, you’ve got a bunch of dudes” (or another saying to rep the Posse that will be voted on by our Patrons). We need to raise 750.00 to make this happen. What that 750 will get us is a brick, and a brick replica for Bill and myself. Yes, that sounds like a bad deal for all of you, and a great deal for us. What we are going to do is raffle off some things that you can’t get anywhere else. TBT merchandise, things hidden in the prize box, signed copies of books…..who knows what else?

Bonus feature….if we can raise 900.00, we will order a third replica brick and display stand and do a drawing for everyone who donated to this cause. We will keep a running count of every entry to every raffle. The winner of that free (included with your donation, not actually free) drawing will win the third brick replica and display stand.

Keep your eyes on the Facebook page for current raffles. Let’s make some history!!