78: Inmate Status Achieved

prisonHappy Throwback Thursday, everyone! It’s that time again. What’s with the title? Have the boys gone to jail? Have they been playing some weird Playstation game where there are some REALLY strange achievements? Join them this week (through some audio difficulties) and find out what the hell is with the title!

  1. Marvel Meets Hip Hop
  2. Can I Borrow 50 Cent
  3. X Moves to Buffalo
  4. Screw Probation, Life’s Too $hort
  5. Griff Needs Your Money
  6. Wu News
  7. One and Done – K-9 Posse
  8. Record of the Week – Oaktown’s 357 “Wild and Loose
  9. Old to the New – Boss Hogg (pka Lil Nation) – Supagangsta