179: Suckitude

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week, the boys are back together and they bring you unbridled suckitude. You read that right….Suckitude. There are levels to everything, and thanks to @NuSon84 this week we get to find out levels of suckitude. What the hell am I talking about? Let’s listen…

  1. PE Free
  2. MCA Day
  3. Common Sense Films
  4. Whoop That Trick
  5. Preem Mix
  6. 20 Piss Dookie Facts
  7. Homophobic Do-o-o-o-og
  8. Wu News
    a. Prodigy Promise
    b. Wu Wear Returns
    c. 36th Floor, Beats and Ruckus
  9. One and Done – MC Breed & DFC
  10. Record of the Week – The D.O.C. “Helter Skelter
  11. Artist of the Month – The D.O.C.
  12. Question From the Posse