434: Chicken Chow Mein Mane

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week we bring you a Fresh in Peace, cheese and crackers and hip hop, Pete Rock on a Rampage, the return of Prodigy, a farewell to Mista Mista, and new music from “The Illest”. What else? ….Let’s listen.

  1. Fresh in Peace
  2. Best Wishes
  3. B.I.G. 50
  4. DJ Cheese
  5. Pissed Off Pete
  6. The Prodigy Returns
  7. DOOM
  8. Farewell Face
  9. Jazzmatazz
  10. Origins
  11. Wu News
    a. Tical
    b. The Agony of Defeat
  12. One and Done – Unity 2
  13. Record of the Week – Marvaless “Ghetto Blues
  14. Old to the New – Notorious B.I.G. ft. Ty Dolla $ine and Bella Alubo “G.O.A.T
  15. Bill Reads Lyrics