454: Yum Yum Sauce

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone. This week we bring you house parties, this IS a mother effin P, some hip hop legends getting Loud, and our favorite news generator getting banned from Instagram.  What else? ….Let’s listen.

  1. Livin’ in Gangsta’s Pendant-Ice
  2. Do Kids Still Have House Parties?
  3. California Love
  4. Snoop and P Are For the Kids
  5. Stealing in the Name of
  6. Give Me the Blue Pill
  7. They Got Loud
  8. Fourth Friday
  9. All the Whos in Whoville?
  10. Clap Back
  11. Wu News
    a. Surprises
    b. Superpowers
  12. One and Done – Bakers of the Holy Bread
  13. Record of the Week – Main Source “Fuck What You Think
  14. Old to the New – Mikey D “Throwback Thursday
  15. Bill Reads Lyrics