Look At These!

Kicks 2Kicks

Let me first start by saying, “How fucking fresh are these kicks?” Over the summer, I attended what was billed as a “mini-con” at my local library. While there, I met Jack and Nicole selling their hand painted sneakers. They had everything; The Walking Dead, Boondock Saints, Comic Book Men, Pennywise, you name it. I thought it was one of the greatest ideas I had come across in a long time. Who doesn’t want a pair of hand made custom sneakers? So I started thinking….and we all know how dangerous that is. I thought how dope it would be to have a pair of Mr. Throwback Thursday kicks!

After a long time of trying to decide exactly how I wanted them to look (and still not having a complete idea), I contacted Eclectic Goods and started the ball rolling. When we met, they had some questions, and already had some ideas to help complete my vision for these shoes. They took our logo and ran with the old school feel. Again….incredible result!

Jack and Nicole are great people. They care as much about the customer’s satisfaction with the product as they do about creating the product, itself. They don’t have a machine that mass produces items, they sit down and take hours upon hours to hand craft these masterpieces. This is not an item that you can get in a week, you must be patient. Let me tell you, though…..patience pays off.

You can check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (as well as their website). Go order yourself a pair….sky is the limit. Make sure you tell them that Mr. Throwback Thursday sent you.