Krush Groove

Episode 457 – Cherry Lubricant

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week we bring you a Fresh in Peace, Shock G the Pimp, 37 years of Krush Groove, a new 50 Cent lawsuit, NBA players show out for the kids, and new music from friend of the show Rampage.  What else? ….Let’s listen

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Episode 149 – Yapple Dapple

Yapple Dapple! Anytime Babu (seen pictured) would say those magic words, something would inevitably go wrong. We totally understand his pain. This week we only have a few foul ups….but we say Yapple Dapple anyway. Ya Make Me Wanna Boo Mecca and the Soul Brother Go for the Halftime Show, Stay For the Game Roc…

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