Sugar Hill Gang

388: Courageous Sherbet

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week we bring you future Verzuz, Pac not beating up Will, Fake NFT news, and Pass using a fake name….like “Pass” to get a reservation, and the return of Bobby Digital. What else? ….Let’s listen. 5 Vz Sugar Kris Vz Kane? All Hail the Queen Please, Tupac, Don’t Hurt Em…

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133: Blahzay Alarm

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone. Do you have a Blahzay Alarm? I do….and mine yells “DANGER!”. Wonder what the hell I’m talking about? Listen in and see! Nation in Shambles Biz and the Pelicans Piss Dook-WWE Simpsons Go Hip Hop Can’t Stop the Prophets Jordan Makeover De La Limbo Dinner Party Wu News One and Done…

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