Universal Zulu Nation

133: Blahzay Alarm

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone. Do you have a Blahzay Alarm? I do….and mine yells “DANGER!”. Wonder what the hell I’m talking about? Listen in and see! Nation in Shambles Biz and the Pelicans Piss Dook-WWE Simpsons Go Hip Hop Can’t Stop the Prophets Jordan Makeover De La Limbo Dinner Party Wu News One and Done…

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Afrika Bambaataa Steps Down

In an unexpected (but totally expected) turn of events, the Amen Ra of the UZN has stepped down. The official statement from the Universal Zulu Nation is found below. “Universal Zulu Nation Official Statement: International and Regional US UZN Leaders, Universal Zulu Nation The Universal Zulu Nation wishes to announce that it is currently under…

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116: No Story, Just Facts

Just the facts, ma’am…just the facts. Happy Throwback Thursday and a reference to Joe Friday. We finally get back on track this week and bring you your regularly scheduled Wu News. What else? Let’s listen…. PE Free and Kansas Once More With Feeling Smithsonian Hip Hop Rick the Ruler It’s Your Fault if Hip Hop…

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